ARDIRT and the Digs on Augmented Reality in the 21st Century

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Joseph Rampolla of ARDirt and Fortune Cookie  Podcast, an augmented reality information hub that features interviews and commentary about the technology industry and many of its new and major players.
“I think of myself as a person who has been in the virtual world of cyber security and augmented reality early on with ARNY.  He also considers himself “fortunately blessed” to be involved in both.   It would be great for finding solutions that solve many law enforcement problems.”  Joseph attended his first ARNY meeting in 2009 and integrated cyber-crime early on by coauthoring a book on AR  released in 2012.  During the same time, he started  ARDirt to help sell his book.   He later went to  recording podcasts and began to meet a lot of people in the industry such as Ori Inbar and Patrick Oshawneessy.  Ever since “the very first Augmented Reality Event,  the first podcasts dedicated solely to augmented reality, I realized that as you find people who are as jazzed about this technology, you develop relationships and become friends.”    Joe believes AR will encompass everything .
What is Augmented Reality? 
Asking an expert, most agree it is the use of technology to integrate digital media with the real world environment.  The reality is it encompasses everything.

Topics surrounding augmented reality include – wearable computers, gaming, news, social media, network marketing, immersion media, digital entertainment, digital sensors, digital marketing, transparent communication, intuitive User Interface, intellectual property, international branding, unmanned  agricultural drones, robotics and more.
Augmented reality is the blending of virtual reality and real life, as developers can create images within applications that blend in with contents in the real world. With AR, users are able to interact with virtual contents and are able to distinguish between the two.
“There are many areas to get into Augmented Reality.  Hardware, software and different interfaces that go along with the technology.”  He added, “there is a demand for people who have skills that can be applied to that realm of innovation.”  Computer sciences at technical colleges and universities teach the programming and developer skills that are required plus advanced areas such as Information Technology Digital Media or Mobile and Web Programming.
 “So much stuff has been going on and information can be overwhelming to get through the noise but there are certain places you can follow in the virtual world like simple podcasts that have updates daily and that is a great place to get a dose of all the top stories in technology.   Joseph is a fan of Reddit  and other portals that offer content and up to date information. He suggests several more sources such as:
Augmented reality is becoming a part of industries across the board.
Financial Sector
Health technology
Consumer products
Business Products
Food Beverage
Advertising Marketing
IT Services
Logistics and Transportation
Engineering Education
Real Estate

Human Resources
Travel and Hospitality
Computer Hardware

Virtual reality glasses are manufactured and sold in dozens of locations online and can also be found in your neighborhood tech or gaming department store.  Best Buy, TMobile , AT&T .
For bulk orders visit Alibaba, Amazon, Mini In The Box.
Also see Indigo, Brookstone, Barnes & Noble, Target, Game Stop

Ways to manage data and marketing content
Simulator games in the real world become more competitive with media companies entering the field.   Content development which promotes different ideas and purposes offer no reason for “madness” when there is room and growing opportunities in the technology market sector.

Interested in a Career in Augmented Reality? Where To Get Started?
For younger students studying math and computer science in high school is the best for the augmented reality industry.   “Schools such as Polytech in Brooklyn/NYU Tandon School of Engineering  –  is one place where the people getting into these types of technology sector areas are studying  ”   To learn more about the industry there are conferences and developer conventions like the ones mentioned above.
The augmented reality consumer knowledge base began to grow with the release of  Poke Mon Go.  “It was the first craze that was an infusion of AR technology and a massive level and people began to really understand it, although the app is not really much AR rather a grid or virtual map that shows you where you can find a Picachu and engage it.  Before that, most people did not understand it but after Poke Mon Go became more and popular in addition as that was heating up, other AR glass wear companies began positioning and  began to release more apps and hardware to the market.”
Microsoft’s Hololens concept is something that Joseph believes is true augmented reality.  “The company has strong distribution channels and that makes it a major player in the industry.  The emotional reality of Hololens is paving the way”  For the luxuriy and tourism industries you can take a 360 degree video and walk through a Sandals Resort in your house.  “It’s much like the Holodeck from Star Trek.  It’s crazy and the reason why I have devoted so much of my life to this because it is going to be huge.  I like to collaborate with people and that’s what makes it fun”
Another popular and recently released in the AR world is SnapChat, a camera based mobile app that has many augmented reality features.  These apps help people have AR in their hands and is another game changer.  Now even Facebook is finally realizing how big AR is and whenever Mark Zuckerburg or Tim Cook get behind something, everyone starts to get more involved as well as remain more competitive.
Augmented Reality and Cyber Crime
Joseph is currently  involved in cyber-crime and law enforcement and has been for many years before getting into augmented reality.  The law enforcement community is still exploring the benefits of using augmented reality.  Technologies like facial recognition highlight concerns about privacy and this has hindered the process.   Legal concerns as to how it may impose on people’s constitutional rights. and other questions arise about stored meta data or invasion of privacy.   Recently permits have become a legal necessity to use augmented reality in some public areas.  Milwaukee is one state in where there are issues being discussed that can stifle innovation.  Some believe AR should be regulated for use in public places.  People are fearful because apps like Poke Mon Go may lead to trespassing issues or un-regulated crowd development which can create unwarranted fears.  There is not enough education about how the technology is a benefit as opposed to a hindrance.  Organizations like are exploring and setting the ground work for discussing these issues.


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