Virtual reality and economic development.

 Not knowing exactly how a piece will look until it arrives  Virtual reality.

Augmented reality can create a new avenue for fun and excitement along with the traditional hometown feeling of those brick and mortar store fronts for newly renovated All American down town commercial areas that were abandoned for shopping malls during the 1980's and today considered relevant locations for modern development.  Beneficial to family and citizenry using modern technology like mobile application, developers can create layers of information and media that enhances cultural experiences and increase revenue for store owners.  Also bring diverse communities together through sharing those common experiences and ideas while simultaneously learning about each other in a new way.

 churches, restaurants, jewelry shops, property sales boutiquse, cinemas,coffee shops and bookstores all have a local historical reverence and either using your mobile device, tablet or VR glasses such as VR Gear or Hololens, there is a world of imagination that exists for real world opportunities that help grow an economy locally.  

What are the legal implications for using AR protecting property rights and security?  The law enforcement community is still exploring the benefits of using augmented reality.  Technologies like facial recognition highlight concerns about privacy and this has hindered the process.   Legal concerns as to how it may impose on people’s constitutional rights. and other questions arise regarding stored meta data or invasion of privacy. There are issues being discussed that can stifle innovation.   
Recently in Milwaukee permits have become a legal requirement. 

Augmented reality is the blending of virtual reality and real life, as developers can create images within applications that blend in with contents in the real world.

Florence Sunset Food Tour - $108.57

An unforgettable evening eating and drinking around Florence’s hippest neighborhood Set off as the sun dips over the horizon and be introduced to the very best restaurants and wine bars Florence has to offer. See the perfect cocktail being constructed then sip it down at aperitivo o’clock as you watch the world go by on the cobblestoned Santo Spirito streets. Savor artisanal truffle cheese and cured local meats paired with the perfect local vino. Watch a live demonstration of how to cook the ultimate Florentine steak, the Bistecca alla Fiorentina (then taste it, which is even better!). Need we say more? Our local expert guide will also regale you with stories, fascinating history, and a unique glimpse into the best part of Florentine life….the food of course!

It's not just about America when it comes to using augmented reality with advertising. Internationally this technology is becoming one of the most influential new marketing tools that engages consumers and the potential to increase profit.


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