Conflict Areas Are Troubling Reality In Europe's Middle Edge Between The Modern World and The Past History of WW2

Armenia and Azerbijan who would have expected while most of Europe is defining its future there exists pockets of war fare?  It is unbelievable but as the continent reaches further away from the memories of World War 2 it is drawn back to this uncomfortable era of genocide and economic instability. Fairness is not the name of the game in today's situation where politics and ignorance of policy  allows skirmishes to exist as a careless approach towards global populism. It is sad and brings to light the full impact of a modern world of ongoing, constant instability.   It is to be considered proof that Europe as a whole has a long way to go in reaching the productivity that other economies of scale have done.  It takes time and much effort to bring the whole country into the fold of a higher quality of living.  Conflicts based on symbolic gestures and political alliances,in the long run are unnecessary and costly.


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