Creating Jobs For Tomorrow: Augmented Reality

According to "employment opportunities in the augmented reality sector".

Learning more about Augemented Reality, locate the schools and universities that are teaching the curriculum and creating the future.  Local technical colleges and univiersities in larger cities offer more.

The University of North Carolina, 
Columbia University, 
Stanford Univ.,
University of Nebraska Medical Center,
UC San Diego,
Indiana University, 
Case Western Reserve University Medical School

Computer science currciculums such as Information Technology / Computer Programming and Development, Mobile and Web Programming as well as Digital Media can provide a good basis for you and these are usually offerd in most technical schools or universities acorss the country.  Online courses maybe a good way to start if you are an older student or one returning to school for your education and may not find AR curriculum locally.

KOREA -Yonsei University Internet of Things & Augmented Reality Emerging Technologies teaches you services and essential functions of AR (Augmented Reality). First, the characteristics and a little on the history of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are presented, and some definitions of AR are presented. Next, AR Classifications based on Sensor, Vision, and Hybrid Tracking are described. Then the lecture focuses on AR Technology and describes the AR Process, which is composed of the stages of Image Acquisition, Feature Extraction, Feature Matching, Geometric Verification, and Associated Information Retrieval. Then further details on the AR Feature Extraction Process and Feature Extraction Techniques (e.g., SIFT and SURF) are explained.

Austalia UNSW Australia (The University of New South Wales)
Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative worlds, emerging technologies, and global audiences

Getting started with Augmented Reality

Livng in smaller rural areas, your options may be limited.  The courses availalbe online or on some of the best campuses in the world give you an authorative viewpoint of what you need to know using this technology as it grows in popularity and profitability,  but the best way to learn about Augmetned Reality for business is to take a look at the the leaders in the industry rather in education, health, commerce, etc.

Augmented Reality in Event Marketing

Cognizant,  information technology, information security, consulting, ITO and BPO services

Virtual Reality Hardware and Entertainment

Immersive VR for Education
Commericial Business Use
Tech Trends 2017 - Virtual and augmented reality
Augmented Reality to the Internet of Things: Paradigm Shifts in Digital Innovation
What’s Next? The Biggest Augmented Reality Trends of 2017

Augemtned reality and virtual reality are two of the most imposing forces of data that can help enhance your perespective of the world around.  They present a deeper level and capacity to gain knowledge and awareness of how thinngs work vs how they can work better.

Although computer science is the fundamental basis for learning and applying these technologies, there are more relevant fields of study such as physics, maths and the humanities in producing more opportunities for creattive productivity.

Entertainment is one avenue to use VR and AR, healthcare,education, manufacturing are also.  
One Idea For Building New Economy 

Augmeneted Reality in the poor and inner city.
Step one includes the rate of return in prodcutivity  and the quality of life for an increasing number of people.   Cost effective market valuation in productivity is not simply robotics as much as it is having extra sensory human potential which is what VR and AR provide. 
When you are designing envrionments with the additional aide of the technology resources such as virtual 3D modeling or augmenting visual overlays in the real world with data and digital content, you are able to view that environment with a third or fourth degree of sensory perception. Simulating worlds that are harnessing the reality of a virtual world that includes a working environment for the use of both nautural and automated environmental faculties. 

Take for consideration air pollution. Carbon emissions most notably coal oil or gas, can be seen in real terms at a sub molecular concept using virtual or augmented reality .  The ability to reduce those levels can be derived in the augmenatation seen in the properties that produce it in the first place. Conceptualized in virtual reality a coal plant can design processing equipment that filters composites more efficiently and by doing so reduces emmissions. 

Similar are results seen when realities are augmented socially.  In large cities where unemployment is high, mentalities can be improved through the use of technology bring new awareness to the capacity of one'sindividual potential. 

Given the amount of wealth in tthe world, if you can imagine a productive city that merges these automations with human needs and wants then these opportunites provide the ability to create virtual worlds that are achievable in a sense of real time  then it is also a given that in reality, we acutal do live in different worlds in terms of economic strength and quality life.  Considering race and gender if we want to harness the technology that creates a virtual world where alternative realities  bring a greater sense of  equality or human rights, we can satisfy our wants without the imposition of poverty, violence and other offenses of civil law.  Virtual and augmented reality are ultimately tools that appeal to the mind and mental as well as physical health, if they are used appropriately.


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