Geting to  know more professionals in the field of AR is fun and exciiting.  Speaking with Howard Olah-Reiken, PreferredApp, a  Software Architect, App Developer, Virtual and Augmented Reality Innovator.   I asked him what he thought augmented and virtual reality would be like for business in the years to come.  You can also read my interview with Joe Rampolla, a seasoned AR blogger and online technology sector information portal.  They both see VR and AR as the future for more than just consumer products.  They both also have backgrounds in two very important areas in our economy, cyber-crime and the financial sector.
Howard Olah-Reiken worked on Wall St for many years dealing with the banking industry as well as hedge funds and derivatives.  He also likes sports based events and gaming development.  Currently he works solely in the world of virtual and augmented reality.  He believes one can re brand their image by using sister apps that have special features.  Customizing 360′ videos and valuating stock trades may not seem to have a lot in common but with the rise of IoT , everything changes.  Howard uses virtual reality to upgrade existing mobile applications.     You can start small and integrate unique content, share with online users  dynamic mobile apps that help you attract customers while building a following in online media such as youtube, facebook twitter as well as others   Eventually VR content will be as common as regular videos on YouTube and  using custom made content specialized to highlight the unique qualities of your business or organization can help you gain loyalty by showing your followers how much you have in common with them in a realistic way.  
Howard’s job as an adviser includes research and he creates a prototype for his clients while evaluating and measuring proficiency.  He prefers an agile,  one on one consultation but also works with a team of programmers and developers .  He can add features to your already existing mobile business application.  “Develop  virtual reality  with a mobile phone or tablet base that you and everyone can experience.”


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