Commercial aviation opportunities in medium size markets.

Consolidation in the personal aircraft industry may seem an advantage in creating a central port for commercial aviation that includes sub orbital transportation for those adventurous souls interested in investing in space tourism.  Small and regional airports are being eaten away by property and land developers causing a rise in rental rates for private air landing facilities, this is forcing them to use medium sized airports located more randomly yet expanding in services.

Soyuz  Spacecraft Low Orbit           

Medium sized airports offer a flexibility in travel and can also serve as a hybrid station for commercial space travel.  Already planned for 2040 is the KSC Spaceport of tomorrow  that will support a multitude of vertical, horizontal and developing space operations.  This is yet one example of many projects, planned and on-going that are tapping into the potential for commercial space tourism industry infrastructure development.  Everyone is aware by now of the merger plans of Virgin America.  What kind of future do you see from this merger for the commercial space industry that includes Virgin Galactic, Space X to name a few?

Low Earth Orbit View [/caption] Airport Travel Delays Could Become Something Unknown Large airport hubs may seem obsolete when it comes to security, as long line delays and faulty protocol can allow for safety fault lines and disrupt travel plans indefinitely.   By increasing the number of  mid size travel hubs, current delays in airport would be driven down and security more stable.      


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